Arise to serve others, Pope Francis urges in World Youth Day message


He implored the young people to think: Do you immediately think of a reason not to get involved? Or are you showing interest and willingness to help?”

Pope Francis said “we need to act quickly” when others are in trouble.

What kind of ‘impatient’ do you have, dear young people? Why do you feel the need to get up and go out so you can’t stand still?

“But the real question in life, instead, is who am I living for,” he continued.

Pope Francis said Mary is an example of a young person who doesn’t seek attention or the approval of others, noting that she relies to some extent on “likes” on social media platforms.

“She is trying to find the most authentic of all the ‘connections’ – the ones that come from meeting, sharing, love and service,” he added.

Pope Francis pointed out that throughout history there are many records of apparitions and encounters with Mary.

“There are few places on earth that she has not visited,” he noted. Pope Francis added that the many devotions to Mary, often seen in her pilgrimages, celebrations, prayers and enthronements of images in her homes, are examples of Mary’s relationship with “her people who visit each other”. I was.

“Healthy Haste”

Pope Francis said, “A healthy haste always drives us upward and towards others.” Unhealthy impatience “can drive us to live superficially and downplay everything,” he added.

Pope Francis says that unhealthy haste lacks dedication, attention and investment. Unhealthy impatience can occur in intimate relationships such as friends and family, he added. But it can also happen between couples, he reminded young people.

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“We can have the same attitude at school, at work, and in other areas of our daily lives,” he explained. is in danger of remaining barren and lifeless.As the proverb states, “The plans of the diligent bring abundance, but all who have hasten will only be poor.””

Pope Francis reflected on Elizabeth’s humility in not bragging to Mary about God’s miraculous intervention in bringing an aged child.

“She could have had every reason to start by talking about herself.

“As soon as she heard Mary’s greeting, Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit,” he said in his message. “Such wonder and outpouring of the Spirit comes when we show true hospitality and put others at the center instead of ourselves.”

Pope Francis said that many people encountered Christ unexpectedly, which brought them respect for others. Many people are aware that Christ is near and wants to share his life with all, he added.

“The joy of this experience made us feel the need to welcome him, to be with him, and to get to know him better.”Elizabeth and Zechariah welcomed Mary and Jesus into their home. Let’s learn the meaning of hospitality from these two old men!”


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